Recycling plastic waste has many advantages for both businesses and our environment. QNC Plastic Recovery Ltd. takes this issue very seriously. We contribute in making this world a cleaner place not just for us but for future generations by converting what would be waste and turning it into reusable materials that can be used for making new products that we can use again.

At QNC Plastic Ltd. we specialize in recycling scrap plastic materials into reusable high quality plastic pellets meeting standards for manufacturing new day to day goods. For the industrial and manufacturing companies this helps them save money and reduce their carbon foot print emissions .

When manufacturing companies generate waste materials, there’s a lot of different types of plastic waste materials generated.

We recycle the plastic waste, into plastic pellets which in turn gets, reused into the manufacturing process of making new plastic goods. This will lower the need for using crude oil to manufacture new virgin Plastic pellets for the same process. By lowering the need for crude oil helps the environment on a global scale.

We recycle the following types of materials:
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • ABS-PC


We've have been recycling plastic scrap waste into clean reusable plastic for some time.

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